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CLIP ON Cutie Earrings


Calling all cuties who don’t have pierced ears! Our cutie earrings are now available in comfortable clip-on earrings! • no pain, no pinch!

Clip-ons are made out of a soft, non-slip silicone, so they are gentle on little ears. • transparent clip- you can’t even tell she’s wearing clip-ons! • clip-ons are flexible and can be gently stretched for optimal comfort Our popular cutie enamel earring collection celebrates little treasures that bring joy to kids with on-trend charm!

Give her grown-up quality while appealing to all of her childhood whimsies. Funky, fantastic and fun, these earrings are the perfect mix of style, quality and sweet expressions.

Materials • clip on: flexible, transparent silicone • earring embellishment: zinc and enamel • hypoallergenic & non-toxic • nickel, lead and cadmium free